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Purchased and aluminum air tank last winter to inflate lawn equipment tires in the spring. Tried to put air in it this weekend and found that the air manifold is defective, leaks and cant be repaired. Took it in for hopeful exchange but store manager was arrogant and cocky saying that exchanges have to be within 90 days. After explaining that I hadn't used it until just now, the manager said it... Read more

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I purchased three items from Harbor Freight in Kennesaw, GA and when I got home and looked at my receipt I found that that had put and item on I never bought and took my 20% discount off that item. I called and was told to bring my receipt back to them. I did two weeks later when I was in the area and they gave me credit for the amount of the item less the 20% they had applied to the item plus... Read more

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Few years back a mother was outraged that USA flags, she purchased for her children, were made in China. At that time I thought there was a Law that stated USA flags had to be made in America. Apparently I was wrong. Walmart changed their purchasing of US Flags to only made in America. I realize most of your items come from China. However does there have to be a Law or don't you to have the... Read more

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Noticing all the sarcastic comment's made to employees by management and all the sexual harassment. Must be a uncomfortable place to work. Add comment

I bought a new wheeled car battery charger from harbor freight. I thought it worked well for the first few times I used it. But after using it less than 5 times, it doesn't do anything. No meters working, no charging, no sounds at all. I have not gotten any customer service from harbor freight at all! I guess to get it serviced I need to send it out of state. It costs to much to sned, the... Read more

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Store 268 District Manager Unprofessional unpleasant rude. Treats employees below standards. Talks to them as if there children. The DM is not friendly, unapproachable, who can the employees talk to about problems when the Hft mangers and DM just don't care. Add comment

I bought a cart from you a week or so ago.On the other hand,My bank is stating that yesterday the 11th that you took more than #300.00 out of my card for 4 items. I tried to call you today and,only got voice machines.I wasn't even home yesterday. I'm so upset I'm living on a limited budget,and can barely make ends meet as it is. My phone number is 928 5371609 My name is Charlene. Please look into... Read more

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ordered a tool online, the package got lost in shipping, Fed ex shows this. Customer service, which is from another country, gave me several lame excuses, and then said I had to fill out a form for lost package, and they would ship another tool. I asked why can't I just go to a local store. Felt like the days when Dell computer would have support. Step 1 is it plugged in? No the package is not... Read more

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Management and DM walk over there employees and treat them low and unrecognized. 286 store Add comment

Employee concerns go unrecognized with the DM and Store Manager due to there Friendship with one another. Add comment

The employees don't get recognized for there hard work and customer service. As well if the employee's are treated unfairly or with favoritism it gose unrecognized, due too the fact the complaints go to the DM Patricia Thompson who has a on going relationship wth the Store Manager Darrin Jardine. Add comment

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